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Bottom Locking



Easy to Install

Adds Privacy

 Bottom locking slats are one of the most popular slats on the market, the bottom locking track and user friendly installation make this a great product. It's tubular style doesn't allow as much coverage as the Lite Link slats, but they are still very popular. 

Lite Link m / EZ Slats




 This is the Lite Link M slats being installed into an old chain link fence.

 This is our best selling product. The Lite Link "M"/ EZ Slats are easy to install, durable, and cost effective.
 Gives the best coverage while still being user friendly. I have installed fence for 35+ years and this is the style I use in all of my local installations. They work best in a 2" mesh size but also fits the 2 1/4", and 2 3/8".

Winged Slats



The winged slats have been a popular product even though they are harder to install.


Make sure you measure your fence they only work in a          (2" Diamond.)


Hedge Link


   The Hedge Link slats are user friendly and give an old fence a great new look. The cost is more but well worth the end result. Constructed with the same type of material as an artificial Christmas tree.
  These slats are self locking, and very easy to install. One package will cover 10' of your existing fence.



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